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iPhone 5 announcement by Tim Cook in 2012photo: Justin Sullivan / AFP

Occasionally we have a friendly Apple vs. not Apple debate in the Higher Click office with the colleagues (can you guess which side I reside on?), so I’m sure many of them will be happy to see that my blog post is actually about an Apple product! The new iPhone was officially announced today at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, making it the first product that came to existence without the supervision of Steve Jobs. It will be available in stores in most countries after 28th September, and the new iOS operating system will be free to download to owners of iPhone 4 and up after 19th September.

I didn’t see the live stream of the event, but several sites did a live blog coverage on it so you can follow up on what went down:

Tim Cook was quick to share some crazy sales and financial figures before the announcement, but to name a few examples, Apple has sold 84 million iPads the first half of 2012, and Macs sales increased 15% vs. PC sales 2%.. It looks serious.

Without knowing much of the new iPhone 5 itself, I already know that it will do record sales worldwide, Apple will skyrocket on the stock market after the announcement, and most people will immediately switch their iPhone S4s to iPhone 5 within two weeks from the day it goes to the shelves. Here is the daily chart of AAPL, clearly showing a nice jump in the afternoon:

AAPL daily chart on Google Finance

I’m not sure what ABC News is referring to, but this chart seems to be in line with the announcement.

I’m not an Apple fan boy, as you can probably guess from the title of the post, but I do own an iPhone and admittedly I spend way too much time on it. My girlfriend complains about it the most, actually she is the only one that complains, even though I got the phone from her as a birthday gift:-) So if you haven’t familiarized yourself with the new features, here they are:

  • Dual Core processor

  • High pixel density screen, over 326ppi

  • High-resolution display (640 x 1136 pixels)

  • High-resolution camera (8 megapixels)

  • Fast mobile data support (4G)

  • Dual-mode CDMA/GSM phone

  • Small dimensions (4.87 x 2.31 x 0.30 inches)

And here is a product review video from engadget:

We finally have 1080p HD video which is pretty cool, but the most remarkable change to me is the removal of category based search in the App Store and switching to Genius. You will essentially see results that are ranked based on a search algorithm. Yes, you guessed it right, devs will need to optimize their apps to rank in the App store, giving birth to the concept of “ASO”, App Store Optimization. Read up on this over at TechCrunch.

Some reviews and specifications that I found on the new iPhone 5 and the iOS 6 are over here, here and here, make sure to read up on them if you want the latest lowdown, and let me know in the comments what your thoughts are on the new iPhone!
Finally, see the newly popular Apple Fan Boy videos called ‘Shit Apple Fanatics Say’, if you haven’t already:

Part 1:

Part 2:


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not too much people will die for it from those who own 4s.

though i think there's no surprise here. the only surprise for me is that how many people expect apple to come up with revolutionary stuff every other year. the way we think of phones today was invented by them 5 years ago. the way we think of tablets was invented by them just 2-3 years ago. the biggest threat to apple is peoples expectations. apple's not died or anything, but i wouldn't be surprised if they woud go on like this amount of "invention" for the next 2-3 years.


Perhaps I'm not impressed because I stalk and knew all of this beforehand, but I just wasn't that impressed with the iPhone 5. There was nothing revolutionary that makes me want to run out and grab it. and in fact it just made it a little more HTC-ish. Bit bigger, bit faster, nicer camera. I was hoping for something that would make me go 'wow, that's a cool feature, I want that' - but no. Nothing inventive. I'll stick with my iPhone 4 thanks.